Types of Possums in Australia Where do possums live? Possum behaviour What do Possums eat?
Initial Care When to Rescue? How to Rescue Assessing an Injured or Sick Possum
Housing for Possums Feeding Possums
Dealing with Possums in your roof Using a possum trap Possums in Your Garden
Considerations to be made Treatment and Equipment Housing requirements Feeding a Baby possum Toileting a Baby Possum Hygiene and Husbandry Raising Furless Possums (pinkies/tinies) Creching and Grouping Possums Problems that may arise
Soft Release Hard Release

Welcome to Possums ARC.   We are a group of wildlife carers who have put together this website for the purpose of educating people to better understand living with wild possums and how to care for them if they become injured or orphaned. 

Our passion and care for possums over many years has meant we have accumulated extensive knowledge about these native marsupials – now threatened in many parts of Australia.  

Our goal is to assist them in their efforts to survive in and increasingly hostil environment. 



Ringtail Possums